Trump Just Boarded Air Force One – Look Where He’s Headed…

Trump Just Boarded Air Force One – Look Where He’s Headed…

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President Donald Trump will make his first foreign visits this month, and it’s just been revealed where he is headed.

Independent Journal Review reported that Trump will be traveling to the NATO and G7 summits in Europe in a few weeks. In addition, he will be going to meet the Pope at the Vatican and travel to Saudi Arabia and Israel.

A senior White House official told reporters that the Saudis came to the Trump administration shortly following the election, partly to “figure out a long term fix for radicalization.” He said Saudi Arabia will be the first stop “because they are the custodian of two holy mosques and at that site they will be convening a lot of the leaders from the Muslim world” to discuss issues with radicalization.

“[Y]ou’ll see in the next weeks that as we get there we’re hoping to make certain announcements that will set the framework for how we can accomplish longterm strategic initiatives and objectives of the president and the leaders of that region so that we can have short-term and long-term wins,” the aide explained.
During his time in Israel, Trump will meet with President Reuven Rivlin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss Iran, ISIS, and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. He will then meet with President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority, who was at the White House Wednesday, for further discussions about Middle East peace.

“I think you’re seeing many of these leaders taking a different kind of responsibility, and while there are many challenges between now and then as to what might come as deliverables, and that will be very important, what are the results, I do think there is a moment in time here with a genuine willingness to work close together within the region and within the United States,” a senior Trump aide said.

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