TOP STORIES: Bernie Sanders, Venezuela, Yellow Vest France (Common Thread)

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Marcus Conte for United States Senate for New York:
– 100% Election Integrity
– Raise The Corporate Tax Rate To 80%
– Reduce Military Spending By 80%
– Cap Individual Income Tax @ 10% or Less
– Make Tax Evasion & Tax Avoidance Illegal Again
– Make Taking Bribes & Bribing Politicians Illegal Again
– FREE Healthcare: Single Payer Medicare For All
– FREE College Tuition at City & State Universities
– Expunge All Student Loan Debt
– Convert US Power Grid to 95% Wind & Solar by 2028
– Term Limits for both House & Senate (2 terms max)
– Public Hand Counted Paper Ballots for Every Election
– Close the FBI & CIA
– Raise The Minimum Wage To A Living Wage
– End Mass Incarceration And The Poverty Draft
– Legalize All Drugs
– Restore Full Right To Bear Arms

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‘1984′ by George Orwell (FREE PDF)

*Statements of opinion on matters of public concern are constitutionally protected free speech. New York Times Co. v. Sullivan, 376 U.S. 254 (1964)


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