The Real #Newsroom – Bern Edition – 6.8.2017 – #ThankYouBernie

Headline news that matters. No Establishment BS.
“Struggle Continues” Bernie Sanders California Primary Night Speech in Santa Monica, CA (6-7-16)
The Struggle Continues’: Sanders Refuses to Bend the Knee to Establishment
Politico Fan Fiction: “Bernie’s Wrecking Crew”

48 Days From CA Primary to Philly Convention; What Could Happen?
Bernie Sanders’ supporters are uniting with the hashtag #ThankYouBernie

TrustVoteDotOrg Lawsuit June 6
Stephen Bishop Supports Bernie Sanders. Here’s Why.
5 legacies: how Bernie Sanders changed 2016 — and the Democratic Party
US Public Funding Anti-Government Media, Journalists in Ecuador
It was just chaos’: Broken machines, incomplete voter rolls leave some wondering whether their ballots will count
Another Giant Pension Fund Divested From Oil, Coal, And Gas Companies
BREAKING: California Voters Will Decide In November If Thousands Of Inmates Should Be Released
Voters Outraged as Media Accused of Falsely, Preemptively Crowning Clinton
Redacted Lee Camp MSNBC declares winner early
Abby Martin of RT Goes Off on ‘Corporate Media’ Propaganda with Piers Morgan
Why I’m voting for Bernie Sanders – John Ellis
This 1%er has a brain. Meet Justin.
KING: Jasmine Richards is the first political prisoner from the Black Lives Matter movement after conviction for felony lynching
4 Reasons Bernie Sanders Could Fight On
Noam Chomsky Blows the Lid Off the Latest Corporate Trade Deal (Video)
A little history of oppression
Deployment Miracle Puts Electric Vehicles On Track To Save Livable Climate

Finally, Some Good News About The Future Of Bees
Bee Deviled: Scientists No Longer Bumbling Over Cause Of Colony Collapse Disorder
I Wrote a Book the Fracking Industry Doesn’t Want You to Read
A Renewable Revolution Challenges Destructive Energy Paradigm
In Powerful Action, Anti-Pipeline Activists Sow Sacred ‘Seeds of Resistance’
For-Profit Pipelines Are Growing And So Are Eminent Domain Battles

Your Grandchildren Will Ask What You did to Avert Climate Change
End Fracking Now – I Hope Clinton Joins the Fight | Bernie Sanders
Propaganda & Engineering Consent for Empire with Mark Crispin Miller // Empire_File028

Make History – Andrew Saturn
Rise Up –
Bernie – Be the change
Makana – The Fire is Ours
The revolution


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