The Real #Newsroom – Bern Edition – 5.8.2016 – #DontGiveAwayYourPower

Headline news that matters. No Establishment BS.
Luke Davis Placeavote

Bernie’s Religion
News & Updates
The Climate Change debate is long over and there is nothing we can do
Symphony of Science
Spread the BERN
538 delegate tracker
Cenk on Bribery

Bernie Maddow interview
Observer on America:
Obama on Cynicism
Feel the Math
Bernie leaves door open for VP
Huffpost on Maddow interview
Comcast and Charter together to fuck you.
Atlanta Mayors column written by SuperPac for Hillary
Video: Bernie Holds Community Conversation on Poverty
People Power Over Corporate Power = Canceled Pipeline Projects
The Boston Globe Says Bernie CAN Win
TYT – Bernie still more electable
Bernie wins more in Washing ton, loses Guam
Niomi Klein on Climate Change
John Stewart set to return to HBO for election coverage.
The Fight BERNS On: Convention Bound
People are tired of
Black Men for Bernie
Cali and Weed

Hillary Bashing

I always try to tell the truth..
Ft Mac Murray Fire
Niomi Konst says :STFU
This changes everything

“New Brunswick, NJ (5/8)
doors: 2pm ET
program: 5pm ET

Atlantic City (5/9)
doors: 7:30am ET
program: 9:30am ET” “Slides:”

Numbers Rahm-ba in #FL-23 – Blue America
We are toast
Jane Sanders – Partners

The revolution
Democracy Awakening footage from Scott
SpreadtheBern playlist H vs. B
Phonebank page
Aidan King Social media

LiveU solo
Mother Earth
Why Bernie is right on Climate
The Climate Mobilization Petition to Bernie
Climate Mobilization

Please watch: “My New Name is “Number 4838″… Heroes of the #ClimateRevolution ”



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