The Real #Newsroom – Bern Edition – 5.30.2016 – #ClintonPasswords

Headline news that matters. No Establishment BS.

Hillary on Emails
Snapchat for hillary
Jon Stewart remix – Clinton Bashing
Clinton Urged to drop out
Clinton’s deceptions worse than trumps
Obama’s Govt Is Violently Tasering, ‘Body Bagging’ Refugees – No Illegal humanbieng—20160528-0005.html
Memorial day truth:
We’re all republicans here
Bernie in Fresno – Clean water in Evbery Home
We are #1 in Hypocrisy
Bernie’s brother on Bernie
Solar surges… the profitable truth about renewables
Clinton Passwords Slides
Climate change in a visual that will scare you.
Sanders Calls Clinton Plans for Puerto Rico ‘Too Little, Too Late’
Happy Memorial Day.. we’re still at war
Morning Joe – Mika: It Feels Like Hillary Clinton Is Lying Straight Out | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Hillary laugh remix
Hillary Bashing

1.5 C we’re gonna hit it in 5 years.
Jimmy Dore – Alan Grayson – Climate

David Spratt Breakthroughonline
Fuck Fracking
This changes everything
Arctic ice
Global Warming IS the trend
March was hottest on record
The domino effect that we are ignoring.
Great Barrier Reef: devastating images tell story of coral colonies’ destruction

Where there’s methane, we will $$
Comedian performs Pro-Bernie Sanders Parody
Bernie – Be the change
Makana – The Fire is Ours
Bernie You’re the Man – Bruce Murdoch
The revolution

Please watch: “My New Name is “Number 4838″… Heroes of the #ClimateRevolution ”



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