The Real Newsroom – Bern Edition – 5.12.2016 – #LetTheMadnessBegin

Headline news that matters. No Establishment BS.

Hey, Establishment…We Need To Talk

Dem convention sponsored by the GOP
Morley Safer Steps Down
Morley Safer reports truth in Vietnam
Trump IS the American Establishment
Reddit says.. She’s going to be Indicted
Clinton distrust renews Democrats’ pessimism about general election
Despite Pressure From White House, Leahy And Sanders Will Vote No On Trans-Pacific Trade Deal
Hillary’s team prepares for the worst as she finds herself in a perfect storm of legal misery
WeThePeople – Cezar McKnight – Dist 101. SC rep

Dem Now Ralph Nader on MSM
Stats on the Bern
John Stewart – David Axelrod – WOW
Hillary Bashing
Do as I say, not as I do. Hillary on the Panama Papers
Whistle Blower speaks truth about the Clinton Foundation
Hillary gets 1500 a head by Politicizing Trayvon Martin
Clinton can’t bite the hands that feeds

David Spratt on a Special Frack Off Friday
David Spratt Breakthroughonline
Ft Mac Murray Fire
Niomi Konst says :STFU
This changes everything
Fuck Fracking

“Pine Ridge, SD
(Thurs 5/12)
doors 8:45am MT
program 10:45am MT

Rapid City, SD
(Thurs 5/12)
doors noon
program 2pm MT

Sioux Falls, SD
(Thurs 5/12)
doors 5pm CT
program 7:30pm CT

Fargo, ND
(Fri 5/13)
doors 11am CT
program 2pm CT

Bismarck, ND
(Fri 5/13)
doors 6pm CT
program 8pm CT

” “Slides:”
Superdelegate Sellout Blues
Snog – Cheerful Hypocrisy
Feel The Bern (The Bernie Sanders Rap) – #FeelTheBern
The revolution
Democracy Awakening footage from Scott
SpreadtheBern playlist H vs. B
Phonebank page
Aidan King Social media

LiveU solo
Mother Earth
Why Bernie is right on Climate
The Climate Mobilization Petition to Bernie
Climate Mobilization
Bernie Sanders – The Hero We Need

The color bars – End of corporate
The Fire is ours – Makana

Please watch: “My New Name is “Number 4838″… Heroes of the #ClimateRevolution ”



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