The Real News Room – Bern Edition – 4.19.2016

Headline news that matters. No Establishment BS.

Tulsi Gabbard ad
Rosario Dawson
Moving Tribute Bernie Sanders
Luke Davis Placeavote
PRTV intro
News & Updates
The People For BERNIE SANDERS 2016


Spike Lee’s Wake Up
Sanders ( Bernie Sanders + Hamilton )

Law Suits fly over NY voter Suppression
Voting in NY
TYT – Cenk – Bernie and NY
Bernie and Mark Ruffalo in Brooklyn
New York Law Suit for 3.2 million voters
NY Mayor agrees it’s Voter Suppression

This is what Money in Politics Looks like
Clinton Campaign now defends Citizens United. Who’s the real democrat?
Clinton calls out Bernie’s Jewisness
Nestle and the reality of profit
Clinton’s Dream is dead

The Left and Election Theft
Win or Lose, Bernie, It’s Movement-Building Time
Erica Garner | I Feel a Political Revolution Coming
At Home Activism – Darcy! – Inspiration for Voters
Burlington goes 100% Green
Solar Roadways in Idaho
Believe Again | Bernie Sanders

Vets for Bernie Video

Jane Sanders – Partners

The revolution
Councilman decides to keep his job.
Phonebank page
Aidan King Social media
Cenk gets arrested
Bernie Blog Cindy Mathews
People to start a revolution
Chasing Bernie


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