The Real News Room – Bern Edition – 4.15.2016 – #FrackOffFriday

Headline news that matters. No Establishment BS.

We Knew in the 60’s….

PRTV intro
News & Updates
Sailesh Rao, a co-producer of Cowspiracy
Democracy Spring Video
200k / hour
Come together

Debate winners and Losers
Nina Turner debate interview
Tad Devine Debate Interview
Bernie Leads in new poll
Standing O for Bernie in NY
Stupid Establishment tries to scrub the web

41 years 3 bill
Clinton touted coal
Clinton sold weapons while they were banned

Clinton compared to Nixon
Greenland ice sheet is melting
Hillary supporter emails

Bernie’s speech at the Vatican

Bernie get’s mobbed by Rome

NY Debate
Captain Squeegee ~ Farce 500-Million (Official Music Video)
The revolution
Phonebank page
Aidan King Social media
Cenk gets arrested
Berniecrats list
People to start a revolution
Chasing Bernie
Bernie in Coney Island
LiveU solo
Hillary Bashing
The Hills are Alive

Mother Earth
Sailesh website
The Climate Mobilization Petition to Bernie
Climate lawsuit
Climate Mobilization
Carbon Dharma
Sailesh twitter
Rich Roll Podcast
Sailesh Rao’s presentation to EU Parliament before Cowspiracy Screening (part 3 of 7)
Naomi Klein on Fracking
Bernie Sanders – The Hero We Need
Bernie Sanders is my friend
The color bars – End of corporate
The Fire is ours – Makana


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