The Nationalist Review Ep.2: “Destiny”

The Nationalist Review OHMY! Ep. 2

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Outro: Kalax – Take me back (Featuring World Wide)

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Purpose: To discuss “destiny” and the roles that nature mercilessly and ruthlessly assigned Mankind.
What’s up with Martin Shkerli?
~30min: Primaries Discussion. Minor Trump NH victory shit talking.
-What’s up with Rubio? Debate performance, almost teed up for destruction
-Celebration of Losers? Cruz wins Iowa but MSM covers a third place win of Rubio. In NH,
coverage of Kasich 2d place (a distant 2d) and 5th place Rubio.
-Seems like ¡Jeb! and Christie were attack dogs for Trump.
Bernie vs Clinton: Was it really surprise he won at 62% in NH? When will Hillary attack? Seems she is lacking, what I expected, a blood-thirst. Investigations really weighing her down?
-Segway into Episode: Funny how 80%+ of women between 18-29 support Bernie; Government replacing men as a provider?
Why is Trey Gowdy and Santorum’s support of Rubio a big deal? Seems Gowdy in popular for his signaling but hasn’t even busted anyone in his investigations.

A friend asked me what is was like to have children with a woman I married and I responded, “It’s like fulfilling my destiny.” Think the source of unhappiness these days is due to the futile effort to “re-write” our destiny?
Main Show: Wife mentions a “friend” on Facebook and how she says, “Need more women superheroes and more women on adventures.” What is this strange expectation that a Man’s life is fun and adventurous? Think shows like Mad Men combined with the excesses of Capitalism is destroying the fabric of the American Nation?
-Cultural Marxism; where did it come from? (My answer: Jewish influence)
-GitHub: Anti-White Agenda
-“White Girl, Black dolls” drama
-All the wars in the world saw men die in droves; male privilege?
-Allowing women to vote, a mistake?
-Women are and should be the Princess in the Tower.
-Men should strive for fitness as a provider and women should be the desired goal of men; required for a strong nation.
-The “War” never ended
-Confusing sex roles: Young children becoming transgendered (art:, Little Boy wants to be Elsa from Frozen, a great example fo sex roles: Better of Dead. “The Danish Girl.”
-How much does Hollywood undermine Traditional Values?
-Revolutionary Road: Deaf Guy the happiest guy, abortions were illegal and thus led to the main characters death by self-applied abortion
-Suburban life depicted as sucky (1950s)


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