Talent broker Ryan Shinman predicts Tim Tebow will be great for Jets ticket and merchandise sales an

HEADLINE: Can Tebow Handle New York?
CAPTION: Talent broker Ryan Shinman predicts Tim Tebow will be great for Jets ticket and merchandise sales and will have no problem with the notoriously aggressive New York media. (March 22)
[Location: New York]
[Source: AP]
[VO: Tim Tebow]
[SOT/Ryan Schinman, Platinum Rye Entertainment]
“I think Tim Tebow coming to the Jets couldn’t come at a better time. I think right now New York is exciting. You have guys like Jeremy Lin lighting up the Knicks, you have the Rangers doing well. You have the Yankees getting ready for Spring Training. And why not invigorate the Jets. Coming off with what the Giants were doing last year. Winning a Super Bowl, why not include the the team? Everybody forgets about the Jets, JETS. What you’ll get is more ticket sales, more merchandise sales, a little more excitement. No one really knows what’s going to be going on between him and Mark Sanchez either. Who is going to be starting? Will Tebow play? Won’t he play? I think it’s exciting to have another Super Star in this town. It’s not quite Linsanity yet, but if you open up any newspaper today, any paper today, any radio station, everybody is talking about Tim Tebow. And why not? He’s one of the most prolific guys out there. He’s almost known for his off the field than he is for on and that’s really rare for a celebrity and an athlete whose just coming in the scene. I think what it also does is take a little pressure off Tim Tebow, when you have a city where you have so many stars, unlike Denver where he’s the main guy, you come to New York and there are guys named Derek Jeter out there, there’s guys like Eli Manning out there, you’re not competing for the entire spotlight. You’ve got Stoudemire, you have Melo, you now have Jeremy Lin. The advice I give to Tim Tebow is just stay true to who you are. He’s NOT going to have a problem in this town. If you take a look at his character, Florida isn’t exactly Notre Dame, it’s a party school. It’s a party town. If you can stay out of trouble there, New York is no problem. So I think really, he is who he is, he’s not going to change just because of his demographic, really the last guy I’m worried about being eaten up by the Big Apple is Tim Tebow.”

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