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2020's Most Inauthentic Political Video

Kamala Harris’ K-Hiver attacks TYT and Cenk. Cenk Uygur, and Ana

Kamala Harris Skips Climate Town Hall For Fundraiser

Become a TYT member at: http://tyt.com/EMMA Rebel HQ’s Emma Vigeland (https://Twitter.com/EmmaVigeland)

Is Andrew Yang Crushing Kamala Harris In California? ft. Emma Vigeland (TMBS 106)

Is Andrew Yang crushing Kamala in California? This is free content

Kamala Harris' Health Care Plan Exposes HUGE Campaign Flaw

Kamala Harris released her “medicare for…that’s all?” plan. Cenk Uygur and

Activist Charges Stage During Kamala Harris Event

An animal rights activist stormed the stage of an event where

My Vision For Medicare For All | Kamala Harris MSNBC Town Hall

Is Kamala for Medicare for All? Cenk Uygur, Aida Rodriguez, Brett

Kamala Harris Caught LYING?

Senator Kamala Harris walks back on a HUGE stance. Analyzing how

What Kamala Harris Needs To Do To Beat Trump

#NoHarps. Cenk Uygur, Aida Rodriguez, Brett Erlich, and Brooke Thomas discuss

Tough Question on Truancy Enforcement | Kamala Harris MSNBC Town Hall

Senator Kamala Harris was asked a tough question about her truancy

BREAKING: Hickenlooper Drops Out, What's Next?

John Hickenlooper has dropped out of the 2020 Presidential race. Cenk
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