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Bernie Sanders: A Bold and Fearless Voice

Friends of the Earth Action advertisement to promote and endorse Sen.

go bernie go b

This is a revised, condensed version of a song I posted

Vatican’s Hostile Takeover of Jerusalem

From the outside it appears the Vatican has nothing but the

The Republican Race – US Presidential Election, 2016 (Pt. 5)

Trump has a substantial lead in the race for the 2016

1/2 THE CORRECT VIEWS 12/11/15 Rand Vs. Obama, Rand/Trump, Mid’ East Christians, Gun Wins, Tag Fail

Greetings Unsettled Souls,      ‘Tis Sam I Be Di Gangi

THE CORRECT VIEWS 7/28/15 Trump Surge, Rand VS. PP, Anti Christian, Copyrights, Quark, 3 Fem’ Fails

Greetings Unsettled Souls, ‘Tis Sam I Be Di Gangi of The

Rand Paul Fundraises at Cannabis Business Summit

Please like, share, comment, and subscribe! Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul

THE CORRECT VIEWS 6/1/2015 THE PATRIOT ACTS ENDS (?) THANK YOU, Paul/Amash. (Rand Paul Bonus Show 2)

Greetings Unsettled Souls, ‘Tis Sam I Be Di Gangi of The

Exposed Exposing Bernie Sanders Secret Agenda Watch the older videos from 1990s

According to the latest polling, Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) presidential campaign
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