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Utah Outcasts vs The Atheist Nomads

This week on the show we had Dustin Williams as our

NBC News-YouTube Democratic Debate (Full)

Join NBC News’ Lester Holt, Andrea Mitchell, Chuck Todd and YouTube

50 Year Old Cartoon Predicts the Future while Bernie Sanders Confirms Prediction

50 Year Old Cartoon mixed with a Speech given by Bernie

Bernie Sanders: A Bold and Fearless Voice

Friends of the Earth Action advertisement to promote and endorse Sen.

Donald Trump on Freedom and Ted Cruz

Donald J Trump talks about Freedom and what Ted Cruz really

go bernie go b

This is a revised, condensed version of a song I posted

Ben Carson And His Bullsh*t

You know that Ben Carson guy that’s running for president and

Lauren Southern Talks Boobs, Feminists and Immigration | Louder With Crowder

Lauren Southern of Rebel Media stops by the show to talk

Bernie Sanders 39 Hillary Clinton 43 National Poll TODAY: A singular moment in US Political History

At 08:00 SOUND GOES OUT: Part 2 here: https://youtu.be/uV88fwNzQq0 http://www.investors.com/pdf/JANIBDTIPP011116.pdf Part

Utah Outcasts and the Male Feminists

Alright folks, time for episode two for the year of 2016,
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