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Episode 170: King Obama, King Trump: The Dangers of an Imperial Presidency (with Gene Healy)

Gene Healy joins us for a special Inauguration Day episode of

Van Jones on Kamala Harris' debate performance: A star was born

CNN’s Gloria Borger and Van Jones praise Sen. Kamala Harris for

He’s the Most Corrupt President in American History | THE CIRCUS | SHOWTIME

Alex Wagner sits down with Tom Steyer, founder of the groups

Sarah Sanders slams Dems as Barr skips House questioning

The White House attacked House Democrats for their handling of Attorney

Kamala Harris questions Barr about not reviewing evidence in Mueller Report

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) told a group of reporters after she

Kamala Harris' Rent Support Plan Fails And Here's Why

#KamalaHarris #Rent #GetYourNewsOnWithRon From GetYourNewsOnWithRon. SUPPORT: http://www.patreon.com/RonPlacone Rokfin: https://www.rokfin.com/users/RonPlacone Our SPONSORS:

2020 Democratic contenders update: Hickenlooper in, Holder out, Sanders draws big crowds

Movement in the ever-changing Democratic presidential primary field; Peter Doocy reports

Kamala Harris STUNS William Barr

Kamala Harris wasn’t going to let William Barr off the hook

America's Retreat Is A Warning, That President Donald Trump's Patience Is Coming To An End!

America’s Retreat Is A Warning, That President Donald Trump’s Patience Is

President Donald Trump signs Executive Order #13788

Published by the White House on Jan 31, 2019. This video
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