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The Case Against Political Activism | Jeff Deist

American politics is in crisis. Is this because of the Constitution,

KAMALA HARRIS: AMERICA WON'T ELECT WOMAN OF COLOR…But Dennis Prager Tells Bill Maher the Opposite

Lots happened on the campaign trail this weekend. First, Representative Ilhan

On Kamala Harris

This was a response to the recent uproar on Kamala’s heritage.

Yes, Some People Still Want Troops in Aghanistan – GOP Activist & Retired Army Officer Gene Tyler

Please help support this production by going to: Want to

Free Thoughts, Ep. 195: Who Elected Donald Trump? (with Emily Ekins)

Emily Ekins has identified five different types of voters that elected

Episode 170: King Obama, King Trump: The Dangers of an Imperial Presidency (with Gene Healy)

Gene Healy joins us for a special Inauguration Day episode of

Social Commentary on Phoenix Cops Police Brutality, Trump's Deportations, and Kyle Kashuv's N Word

Also available as a podcast. Search for Just Thinking Out Loud

The magic of ‘Superhero’ Cory Booker

If Cory Booker was a superhero, it would be Super Stuntman

Christians Against the Militarization of Police (John W. Whitehead)

#police #cops #policebrutality #policeviolence #johnwwhitehead #apologetics #libertarian #civilrights #lawyer #law #constitution

Journalist or Activist? Matt Welsh of Reason Magazine

Video of the interview with Bill Weld:!/v/adamkokesh/vymj7n3n Check out Matt’s
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