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Kamala Harris' Health Care Plan Exposes HUGE Campaign Flaw

Kamala Harris released her “medicare for…that’s all?” plan. Cenk Uygur and

Kamala Harris Caught LYING?

Senator Kamala Harris walks back on a HUGE stance. Analyzing how

BREAKING: Hickenlooper Drops Out, What's Next?

John Hickenlooper has dropped out of the 2020 Presidential race. Cenk

Hickenlooper's WORST Nightmare … source

Kamala Harris STUNS William Barr

Kamala Harris wasn’t going to let William Barr off the hook

Politicians Gonna Get Caught!

Kamala Harris is getting wishy-washy on Medicare for All. Cenk Uygur

Kamala Harris CAUGHT Flip-Flopping

Kamala Harris is walking back her comments on Medicare for All.
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