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DFA Chair encouraged by Yang, Tulsi, Bernie solidarity in Iowa

Charles Chamberlain, Chair of Democracy For America, shares how his PAC

Nevada reporter: Can Sanders' organization overcome Biden's lead?

Nevada journalist Megan Messerly shares what Washington is missing about the

Lessons from the Mueller Report: Presidential Obstruction and Other Crimes

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SHOCK POLL: Bernie takes the lead nationally

Team Rising examines the latest polling in the Democratic Presidential Primary.

Krystal and Saagar react to new Biden corruption report

Krystal and Saagar weigh in on the latest allegations about Joe

Panel: Sanders attacked by dark money group linked to Paul Begala

Team Rising weighs in on new super pac ad that questions

Our favorite media screw-ups w/ Katie Halper: Debunking the 'Bernie Bro' myth

Katie Halper, Co-Host of the Rolling Stone podcast Useful Idiots, debunks

Biden, Yang, Gabbard, Delaney, Williamson – 2020 Presidential Candidates Special Part IV

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Democratic Primary Statewide – California Primary Election Results 2020

Democratic Primary Statewide – California Primary Election Results 2020 Please Watch

Joni Ernst Iowa Youth Straw Poll Video

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