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This Parrot Is Doing Hard Time For Robbery | In Case You Missed It | Huckabee

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Climate Change Would Be This 2020 Candidate’s Top Priority | NowThis

‘We have an opportunity to save future generations and we oughta

Trump Says He Tried To Stop 'Send Her Back!' Chant Aimed At Omar. He Didn't. | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Defying video proof, Trump says he tried to stop the disgusting

"I Wrote The Damn Bill!"

Bernie slammed his opponents on Medicare for All in the second

Hickenlooper On Trump Delaying ICE Raids: I'm Suspicious This An Attempt To Create Commotion | MSNBC

John Hickenlooper, former governor of Colorado, reacts to President Trump announcing

Hurricane season by the numbers

The National Hurricane Center has increased its predictions for the 2019

Two US troops die in apparent Afghan insider attack

12 American troops have now been killed in combat in Afghanistan

IMPEACH TRUMP!!! And Other Wacky Things The Left Likes To Do | Huckabee

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Bullock: 'I'm Disappointed With The DNC' After Not Being Chosen For First Debate | MTP Daily | MSNBC

“I certainly knew getting in at the time I did would

Socialism ruled the Democratic debate: Varney

FBN’s Stuart Varney on the far left winning the Democrat debate
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