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The Real News Room – Bern Edition – 3.15.2016 – #Transparency

Headline News that matters. No Establishment BS. 11 year old phonebanks

How Do We Find Justice for Youth Killed by Police? | Bernie Sanders

——— ★ Join the political revolution at www.berniesanders.com ★ Connect with

Let’s Help Non-Violent Prisoners Rejoin the World | Bernie Sanders

We need to re-enfranchise the more than two million African-Americans who

Paying Women Less for Equal Work is Sexism | Bernie Sanders

Men should stand up and support their sisters in the call

DZ Presents: Bernie Sanders Rally – This Land Is Your Land (March, 2016)

Date: March 1, 2016 Location: Champlain Valley Exposition , Essex VT

Why Do We Punish People For Getting an Education? | Bernie Sanders

It does not make sense that we punish students and force

Big Money Does Not Represent the People | Bernie Sanders

The interests of Wall Street and corporate America are not the

Three reasons why Bernie Sanders will go down in flames

Three reasons why Bernie Sanders will go down in flames. We

Bernie Sanders Breakdown

Vote for Bernie Sanders is a common fact! source

Senator Nina Turner on Bernie Sanders

Senator Nina Turner speaking in Arkansas in support of Senator Bernie
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