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Rep. Brian Mast Asks For Name Of Fallen Service Member That Doesn't Justify Soleimani Killing

If you like uncomfortable silences, you’ll enjoy this video of Rep.

Psychic Reading and Politics

Join Psychic Violetta as she gives a reading to the winner

NOTHING – by Noah Mac

choreographed by me just gonna start posting my solos and little

Alex Azar – Secretary HHS – Psychic Tarot Card Reading 6/24/18

Will he help reunite immigrant families? Alex Azar is the Secretary

Gavin McInnes looses it (because of Ryan of course)

fom his show ´Get Off My Lawn´ on #GavinMcInnes #GetOffMyLawn

Reading on Marianne Williamson, Pete Buttigieg and Beto O'Rourke. – Part 2

For entertainment purposes only. Thank you for supporting my channel with

April 13

Shout out to Third Eye Champagne❤️ Ambulance vision at WH Folks

uS -Russian Communications Frozen

via YouTube Capture source


When a Hillary supporter lies to Congress, he gets a CNN
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