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WaPo obscures its own poll to dunk on Bernie Sanders | Many Peters ⁵⁹

the washington post ran a poll and then just ignored the

Is Politico Trying to Dissuade Bernie Sanders' Small Donors from Contributing?

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Bernie Sanders Hospitalized (UPDATE)

Bernie Sanders recently had a medical procedure to deal with some

Debate Highlights | The Most Heated Moments of the Democratic Debate, Detroit 2019 The most heated exchanges among the 2020 Democratic candidates at

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders talks health care, other issues that affect Wisconsin.

Senator Bernie Sanders tells UPFRONT Host Adrienne Pedersen he will win

Buttigieg Throws Shade At Bernie Sanders

Pete Buttigieg throws shade at Bernie Sanders because young voters like

CNN's Worst Bernie Sanders Smear Yet? | QT Politics

The book of CNN’s worst Bernie Sanders smears has many chapters.

Best of Stephen Colbert's Bernie Sanders Impressions

Feel the Bern! If you enjoyed watching, check out Part 2!

Sen. Bernie Sanders at rally in Louisville, Kentucky

Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders speaks at People vs. Corporate Power

Trump Campaign sees Bernie, Biden as the same. 'Both their policies are the same'

The Trump Campaign’s Communications Director explains what the Democratic candidates got
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