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Who Should Bernie Sanders Choose as His Running Mate? | Patreon Message

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Ana Kasparian On Why She Endorses Bernie Sanders

Ana Kasparian is endorsing Bernie Sanders for President of the United

Nina Turner On Why Bernie Sanders Deserves YOUR Vote

Nina Turner wants YOU to vote for Bernie! MORE TYT:

Bernie's Most POWERFUL Answer Of The Debate

Bernie Sander’s most powerful moment of the PBS/Politico Democratic Debate came

Hillary Clinton ATTACKS Bernie Sanders on Howard Stern Show

Hillary Clinton is letting the world know that she really despises

Kamala Harris Does Poor Job Defending Medicare For All

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Libertarian Debate Summons Evil Bernie Sanders

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Hill's Editor-in-Chief: Bernie Sanders playing to win with 30 million dollar ad buy

The Hill’s Editor-in-Chief describes the GOP suburbs problem, Democrats spending big

Iowa State Fair 2019 Political Soapbox Bernie Sanders

August 11, 2019 Bernie Sanders and his #NotMeUs team joined in

Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren Break the Silence on Julian Assange

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