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Here's What Sen. Kamala Harris Needed To Do In The 3rd Dem Debate …

Tonight ABC will broadcast the third Democratic presidential candidates debate. The

Better Check Her Record: Drew Comments Breaks Down Viral Video Explaining Support For Kamala Harris

Drew Comments posted a video explaining why he has decided to

Why Hasn't Sen. Kamala Harris Been Able To Garner More Support & Lock Up The Black Vote?

As we get deeper into the 2020 presidential campaign polling data

Roland Dismantles 'Stupid Black Purity Test' Used To Question Sen. Kamala Harris' 'Blackness'

On Monday, Roland dissected the foolish Black purity test some African

Man Rushes Kamala Harris & Snatches Her Mic, Karine Jean-Pierre Steps In To Defend The Senator

A man rushed the stage and grabbed Sen. Kamala Harris’ microphone

Hickenlooper running for U.S. Senate

The former Colorado governor announced Thursday he’s running for one of

WATCH: 'That little girl was me.' Harris goes after Biden on race | 2019 Democratic Debates

Sen. Kamala Harris directly challenged former Vice President Joe Biden’s record

Newt Gingrich: Kamala Harris most likely to be nominated in 2020

Former Republican congressman Newt Gingrich is weighing in on the 2020

"Most Sweeping Gun Violence Prevention Plan Ever"- Cory Booker

Today, I discuss the message from presidential candidate Cory Booker… Honor

2020 candidate Cory Booker on his "common sense" plan to prevent gun violence

Senator Cory Booker is unveiling his new plan to prevent gun
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