Silicon Valley Police Misconduct: Retaliation & Harassment of Courthouse Protester – Illegal Arrest

San Jose Mercury News coverage by reporter Tracey Kaplan:

Alleged illegal arrest of Santa Clara County government watchdog and whistleblower Scott Largent during a court corruption protest.

This is an example of law enforcement officers violating their oaths of office and enforcing an unconstitutional and illegal court “order” issued by Santa Clara County Presiding Judge Patricia Lucas, according to court watchdogs.

The “order” under which whistleblower Scott Largent was arrested is illegal because, among other reasons, it was not adopted under the proper procedures for a legitimate order. And it could not have been adopted under ANY procedure because it violates the free speech, assembly, and freedom of association provisions of the state and federal constitutions.

It is, in effect, an invalid, underground order, similar to illegal and invalid underground regulations issued by state agencies, according to the California Office of Administrative Law:

And like an underground regulation, the order issued by Lucas is unenforceable. Except by corrupt Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department deputies. Seriously, the San Jose Police Department scoffed at a request to enforce the order by the sheriff’s department.

This is an allegedly illegal arrest orchestrated by Presiding Judge Patricia Lucas and intended to criminalize dissent, according to court reform advocates.

This video documents retaliation and intimidation against protestors, and violates state and federal civil rights laws. This occurred on Tuesday May 1, 2018.

But there will be no consequences because there is no accountability in Santa Clara County courts or government. In the heart of Silicon Valley. Santa Clara County is a rogue jurisdiction in California. It’s judges, court administrators, and county officials, including Sheriff Laurie Smith, believe they are sovereign citizens not subject to state and federal law.

Court reform advocate and whistleblower Scott Largent previously was harassed at his home by sheriff’s deputies on orders of controversial Santa Clara County Judge Stuart Scott. Watch that video here:

This is all textbook whistleblower retaliation. Any attorney willing to get involved please email

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