President Trump Scores Giant Victory In Swing State, Shifts Tide For 2018

President Trump Scores Giant Victory In Swing State, Shifts Tide For 2018

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The Rust Belt states caused a giant upset on election night in 2016. These normally reliable blue states switched to red in favor of Donald Trump, largely because he promised to bring back their jobs.

States that were once a part of the Manufacturing Belt have seen their factories become abandoned and desolate since the 70’s, and voting Democrat was continuing to keep them that way.

This decline in jobs was directly linked to the rise in heroin and opioid abuse. People in these states were feeling just as abandoned as their factories. But with Trump’s election, these states are seeing a huge turnaround.

The unemployment rate is continuing to drop not just in the Rust Belt, but all across the country.

One pro-Trump Republican in Pennsylvania is hoping the President’s success can help him unseat a powerful Democrat in 2018, and he’s already made his first step on the path to victory.

From Fox News:

Four-term U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta, R-Pa., a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump who first got national notice as a small-city mayor for his attempted crackdown on illegal immigration, on Tuesday won the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania.

Barletta paid little attention to his Republican rival, state Rep. Jim Christiana, during the primary campaign. Instead, he focused his attacks on the candidate he hopes to unseat in the fall, two-term Democratic Sen. Bob Casey.

Casey has been popular among liberals for his attempts to obstruct all of Trump’s nominees, while Barletta has been a staunch supporter of the President since before he won the Republican primaries.

This loyalty has warmed Barletta to Trump, who backed him in the primary and will continue to back him “fully, strongly and proudly” in the general.

Casey’s campaign released a statement offering no new ideas or solutions except opposition to the president, claiming that this election, “will be a choice between a candidate who stands up to President Trump when he’s wrong and a candidate who believes President Trump can do no wrong.”

Barletta on the other hand chose to directly address the individuals who helped Trump carry Pennsylvania, and called for them to keep demanding change.

“Tonight, I’m going to appeal to those Democrats and independents in Pennsylvania who voted for Donald Trump. If you are a Democrat or an independent who voted for Donald Trump, you cannot vote for Bob Casey, who is going to stop every single thing that you voted for and the agenda that this country is on and the progress that we’re making in America today.”

Currently the polls are saying that Casey is likely to keep his seat, but the polls also said that Hillary was guaranteed to be President. In Trump’s America, anything can happen!

Source: Fox News


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