Pete Buttigieg Explains Why Women Shouldn't Vote For One Of Their More Qualified Sisters

It’s been fun to watch the Left’s obsession with “intersectionality” play out in the Democrat primary fight. Eric Swalwell, currently polling at 0 percent, just can’t stop apologizing for being a white man, but he promises he’ll 1) pass the mic to marginalized voices, 2) select a woman to be his vice president (if he can find one desperate enough), and 3) change a diaper every now and then. You’d think Pete Buttigieg, who is gay, would have an easier time of it, but as Twitchy has reported, there have been a few worried think pieces from progressives wondering if Buttigieg isn’t really, you know, gay: he’s married, he goes to church, he dresses like a dork. He might as well be a straight man. So at an MSNBC town hall Monday night, Buttigieg found himself in the awkward position of explaining why women should vote for another white man instead of any of the (more qualified) women nominees:

Breaking911 @Breaking911: “Question: “Why should the women of America vote for you instead of our sisters, who are kind of more qualified?” – Buttigieg: “We ought to have a woman in the Oval Office right now. I’m still disappointed that didn’t happen.”” — Yeah, bro, we’re all heartbroken Hillary didn’t win, but that’s not the question. Why should women vote for you over another woman, especially if you wish we had a female president right now? — Ben McDonald @Bmac0507: “So drop out” — t @xb7: “then endorse one, Pete, and get out of the way -” — David @deerhunterinGA: “With that said he should step aside and let gillibrand run ahead of him.” — Why haven’t all the woke white male Democrats stepped aside and made room for women and people of color? It’s their turn, right? — Loren @LorenSethC: “So pathetic” — The Widow … McKay @THEWidowMcKay: “Hard pass, soy.” — vmadsen @vmadsen810: “Then why is he running against a bunch of women for the Oval Office? 🤣 What a phony!!”

Michigan for Trump @Michigan0323: “I’m only surprised that he didn’t wear his pussy hat.” — TheQuestionIs 🗯 @WhoDecides_: “Perfect deflection.” — Carlo @motorrotohead: “What a pandering clown.” — F Levesque 🇺🇸 @FrankLevesque: “Identity politics is awful.” — SHIRTCAVIAR.COM ✪ @Nothavingit: “Him answering that question:” — Dave Broker @BrokerthisINC: “Nice save dude !! You won’t go anywhere, but nicely done” — EaglesFan9019 @eaglesfan9019: “Sisters. Lol” — uhhhhh @DCHokiefan: — 🇺🇸 BUt mUh MueLLeR tiMe⚒️ @k_ovfefe: “🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄” — Gareth Tarlo 🇺🇸 @Gareth_Tarlo: “Imagine having time to do this shit”

Cognitive Dissident @AJBullX: “EYE-ROLL. Vote for substance, not inherited anatomical traits. If you agree with his policies and you like his delivery more than any others, then vote for him. If you don’t, then don’t. But asking him to change his netherparts through oratory demeans you both.” — Mary Lugo @Justice_Denied_: “Sisters? Qualified? Who?” — Um, Kirstin Gillibrand? Marianne Williamson? — Christopher D’Angelo @dudebro86: “Let’s vote for a woman because I am a fat woman. It’s science” — Barbara Barber @suesuesbeo9: “We had a woman in the Oval office. She was named Monica.” — Von 🌀 @54Ange: “Where’s my barf 🤮 bag 😖” — Patricia Johnson @DiDiJo41: “I want to puke.” — BitKing Jr. @cryptoMcfIy: “What a putz” — SLΞDGΞHAMMΞR @zeroinscw: “Stupid answer” — Daisy Belle @DaisyBelleLace: “Brace yourself for more disappointment…”

F. Pendleton @FRPen1: “In a feminized society a candidate’s best chance of being elected is to be cowed by screeching harpies with no self-restraint. No confidence, no virile manliness: just apologies and surrender.” — 0penb00k @0penth3b00ks: “Umm – so why should women vote for a white man running on the Dem ticket again?” — #ReleaseTheIGReport! @AmyBlondell: “That didn’t really answer the question now, did it?” — DFish @DFish14127: “That’s an answer, just not to the question he was asked.”

Twitchy: TIME cover picturing the Buttigieg ‘first family’ is a display of ‘heterosexuality without women’

TIME cover picturing the Buttigieg ‘first family’ is a display of ‘heterosexuality without women’

Twitchy: Watch Pete Buttigieg explain why women shouldn’t vote for one of their more qualified sisters

Watch Pete Buttigieg explain why women shouldn’t vote for one of their more qualified sisters


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