Pending Criminal Cases Affect your Application! (Immigration Advice)

0:00 As a U.S. citizen, what is the fastest way to petition my parents and underage brother?

1:59 I filed for my child in Jamaica, but he currently has pending criminal charges against him. If he is found guilty, what are the immigration consequences?

4:13 How would a pending shoplifting case affect my green card application?

4:52 My husband is on probation for a disorderly conduct conviction. Can I sponsor him for a green card?

8:17 An immigration officer called me after my interview and asked to visit my home. Is this normal? Should I get an attorney? What should I expect from the visit?

9:07 If my friend makes $5,000/month can she provide me with an affidavit of support?

10:12 My U.S. citizen wife is adjusting my status. Can I travel to Africa and back with my combo card?

10:50 I’m in the process of extending my 2-year conditional green
card while my I-751 is pending. USCIS recently requested more evidence from me. However, I am not currently living with my husband
right now. Will that be a problem?

13:31 My friend came to the U.S. on her husband’s pending asylum
case. He later passed away. How can she continue to file for asylum?

14:08 After my case was transferred to the National Visa Center – how long will it take before I hear from them?

14:49 My girlfriend does not have a valid ID and she is on food
stamps. Will she encounter an issue when renewing her green card?

15:58 Is this deported child an automatic U.S. citizen?

17:34 My permanent resident mother filed for me. I am married and over the age of 21-years-old. How long will the entire process take?
18:16 My daughter is a green card holder. Against my wishes, my ex-wife wants to keep our daughter in Jamaica. How can I dispute this?
19:34 My citizenship case was transferred to another USCIS office. What does this mean? When will I get my interview?

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