NATE SILVER on why Donald Trump may beat Hillary Clinton

“1 in 6 chance” is what Nate Silver gave for Trump winning the 2016 Presidential Election last Thursday on Employee of the Month to a sold out audience at Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater. Three days later, 538’s Editor in Chief and ABC News Correspondent says Trump now has a 1 in 4 chance of winning.

It is doubtful Xanax will even be covered under health insurance, if Donald Trump wins, so you may want to stock up. Catie Lazarus spoke with Nate Silver on Employee of the Month about this unprecedented election, attention media gave to Donald Trump at the expense of other candidates, importance of voting, and the anxiety this election is causing the public.

To hear their interview in full, go to or iTunes for the podcast!

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Recorded October 2016 at Joe’s Pub | Audio mixed by Nic Rad | Video by Adam Abel, Sherief Elkatsha, and Fernando Azevedo| Edited by Meredith Kaufman Younger | Graphics by Ed Mundy | Theme Music by Eric Biondo Band featuring MC Jelly Donut and Shockwave, both of Freestyle Love Supreme.


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