Hillary Clinton V Subway Turnstyle

Shocking video!
Hilary Clinton can’t use a subway turnstile.
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$109 million of them since leaving the White House to be exact.
Today, they’ve released their tax records showing they’ve made $109 million given to charity in the form of their own foundation (hmmm) and that was right after stealing White House furniture before they left, then pimping out Bill at the opening of every envelope and cutting of every ribbon to get rich. He’s also available for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.
Irrespective of all that they still haven’t addressed the matter of their offshore accounts in Grand Cayman that they don’t pay taxes on.
The Clinton’s Have Three Cayman Island Accounts.

Securities and Exchange Commission documents and financial- disclosure forms filed by Hillary Clinton show that Bill Clinton, 61, has a financial stake in three investment entities registered in the Cayman Islands by Burkle’s Yucaipa Cos. LLC.


In 2004, Hillary Clinton, a New York senator, said she wanted to close the “loopholes” for “people who create a mailbox, or a drop, or send one person to sit on the beach in some island paradise and claim that it is their offshore headquarters.”


Additionally, the Politico web site has stated that Hillary, who is lagging behind rival Barack Obama in the popular vote, delegate count, super delegate support, hairstyle polls, just everything, has not accounted for 18 million dollars of income.

The Politico web site. They’re always kicking Hillary when she’s down, really.

“UPDATE: The interesting part of course, is the roughly $18 million that the summary doesn’t account for.”


HILLARY FOR PRISON YARD/OFFICE SIGN (with stake) http://hillaryforprison.net/

#Jokes! U Mad Bro? – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlQTyeA4alwDmfrJCIUePXc00QrFVwRCK


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