Donald Trump’s major 2020 gamble on health care | With Chris Cillizza

Fresh off the Mueller investigation, President Trump is supporting a ruling that calls for an elimination of Obamacare. With no replacement in sight, a battle over health care could end up deciding the 2020 election.


Democrats Pivot Hard to Health Care After Trump Moves to Strike Down Affordable Care Act

Federal judge in Texas rules entire Obama health-care law is unconstitutional

Getting rid of Obamacare would be a headache for Trump

Here’s what happens if the courts kill Obamacare

Trump Administration Says Entire Affordable Care Act Should Be Repealed

Trump’s ‘party of health care’ promise bewilders Republican senators

‘We need a plan’: GOP shaken by Trump’s healthcare demands

Democrats Won a Mandate on Health Care. How will they use it?

KFF Health Tracking Poll – March 2019: Public Opinion on the Domestic HIV Epidemic, Affordable Care Act, and Medicare-for-all

March 26, 2019 – 84% Of U.S. Voters Want To See Mueller Report, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Dems Divided On Support For Israelis Or Palestinians

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