Donald Trump Jr Calls ‘Top Gun’ Meme of His Father Shooting Down CNN ‘One of the Best’

Donald Trump Jr. Calls ‘Top Gun’ Meme of His Father Shooting Down CNN ‘One of the Best’

Throughout his campaign and during his presidency, President Donald Trump has repeatedly relied on social media to send messages to his supporters.

His circumvention of the main stream media, which he has deemed to be inaccurately reporting on him, use of nicknames like the “failing New York Times” and labels of “fake news” hasn’t eased the relationship between the two parties.

While many outlets have felt the tension, the biggest battle seems to be between CNN and the president, which came to a head on July 2, when the president tweeted a WWE gif of him delivering a smack down to the outlet.

The gif was not well received by CNN and sparked heated debates about the decorum of the president and whether he was inciting violence or if CNN just needed to learn to take a joke.

However, just as the dust seems to have settled from hashtag CNN Blackmail, another video meme was put on full blast.

On Saturday, First Son Donald Trump Jr. posted a parody video of the blockbuster hit “Top Gun”:
However, instead of Maverick’s eye on the target, it’s the president eyeing down a CNN plane, which he subsequently blows up. In a caption on the video, he called it “one of [the] best I’ve seen.”

His re-posting of the video received mixed reviews, with many users feeling it wasn’t appropriate behavior for a grown man and son of the president, while others claimed wasn’t a big deal.

Trump Jr. has been a fierce defender of his father and doesn’t seem to show any signs of slowing down.


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