Donald Trump interview: Brexit VICTORY as US president pledges ‘tremendous’ support for UK

DONALD Trump has used a shock ITV interview with Piers Morgan to tell Theresa May she must be tougher with the European Union on Brexit – before pledging “tremendous” support for the UK.

Donald Trump told Piers Morgan in a frank interview released tonight Theresa May needs to take a “stand in getting out”.

But he also pledged “tremendous” support for the UK and gave Mrs May a vote of confidence, declaring she was doing a “very good job”.

And in a sharp jab at Brussels, the US president said the EU was “not cracked up to what it’s supposed to be”.

In a sensation interview tonight, Mr Trump told Morgan he would be taking a far different stance if he were at the negotiating table with the EU.

He said: “Would it be the way I negotiate? No, I wouldn’t negotiate it the way it’s being negotiated.

“I’d have had a different attitude. I would have said that the European Union is not cracked up to what it’s supposed to be.

“I would have taken a tougher stand in getting out.”

Mr Trump, who once described himself as “Mr Brexit”, also boasted at having predicted the UK’s shock EU exit before June 2016’s vote.

He said: “[I knew] because of trade but mostly immigration. Brexit is going to be a big upset. And I was right.

“I know the British people and understand them. They don’t want people coming from all over the world into Britain, they don’t know anything about these people.”

He did praise Mrs May, however, as “doing a very good job” and said the pair enjoyed a “very good relationship”.

He added: “I support a lot of what she does and a lot of what she says.

“I support you military very much. We will come to your defence if anything should happen, which hopefully will never happen.

“I am a tremendous supporter of the UK.”


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