Donald & Melania Just Got NASTY Surprise In Germany’s Muslim ‘Hell’ Today Right After Landing

Donald & Melania Just Got NASTY Surprise In Germany’s Muslim ‘Hell’ Today Right After Landing

Following their quick trip to Poland and an incredibly warm welcome in Warsaw, the president and first lady left shortly after addressing the adoring masses there, with a speech from each of them. They landed in Germany this afternoon to attend the G20 summit that takes place tomorrow, but just got a nasty surprise in the Hamburg that’s become a Muslim hell after the deluge of refugees that have been allowed to flood the once peaceful European nation.

The vast differences between Poland and Germany have become obvious within the past few hours after the Trumps left the incredible reception they had in Poland and landed in a much different scenario in Germany. It truly comes down to the way each place is run and the number of refugees in each. Just a couple of hours after Melania delivered a moving message stating that no matter what country you’re in, everyone “should be able to live their lives without fear,” she was shown that Muslim-riddled Germany doesn’t seem to share that same sentiment with her as perpetrators of the very fear she spoke of in Poland.

The people in Poland were heard shouting “USA!” and “We Want God!” to express their love for America under President Trump and the latter to say that they are not tools of the state but children of God, the Wall Street Journal reports. However, in Hamburg, Germany where refugees seem to rule as well as tools of the state, there was a much different reception and nasty surprise planned for when our president and first lady arrived ahead of the G20 summit that will be held there on Friday.

Donald and Melania landed in Germany this afternoon surrounded by a fleet of protection that proved to be more necessary than ever. No sooner did they step off of Air Force One that massive riots broke out. While the total currently involved in the violent unrest is estimated at approximately 8,000 thuggish participants, that number is expected to swell to 100,000 before the summit tomorrow. However, it’s already dangerously out of control having caused mass destruction, which includes the torching of a Porsche dealership.

The Daily Mail reports:

“As many as 100,000 protesters from across Europe are pouring into the port city for a demonstration dubbed ‘Welcome To Hell’. Police believe as many as 8,000 are ready to commit violence.”

“Hardcore anti-capitalist protesters have been hit with water cannons and pepper spray by German riot police after they attacked officers with bottles and stones at the G20 summit in Hamburg.”
“Police say they repeatedly asked a group of demonstrators to remove their masks and hoods but instead officers were hit with bottles and bricks – breaking the window of a riot van.”

“Up to 20,000 police officers are on duty to watch over the main demonstration, organized by the alliance of anti-capitalist groups.”
It’s nice to see that German police aren’t messing around with managing this crowd, by hosing them down from the start since they already proved to be violent. Since this massive crowd of incensed leftists, who likely support German Chancellor and refugee apologist Angela Merkel, is expected to increase by about 90,000 more people, it’s going to take an army to protect summit of leaders from the world’s 20 biggest economies showing up for the G20.
Merkel, who is hosting the summit this year has her work cut out for her since she has to figure out a way of working through divisive issues when despite being divisive herself. The people of Germany are prepared for violence and already committing it now, and if they don’t get their way with concessions for the poor and “climate change” decisions made at the summit, there’s likely to be an all-out war that Merkel isn’t prepared for.

According to the Daily Mail:

“Merkel will meet Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan and has already greeted Donald Trump, who today called on NATO allies to spend more on defence and claimed he would ‘confront’ North Korea.”

“The German government says Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Donald Trump have discussed issues including North Korea, the situation in the Middle East and the conflict in eastern Ukraine.”

“A brief government statement gave no further details of the discussion, which lasted a little over an hour, other than to say they discussed ‘some issues on the G20 agenda.’ It said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel also participated.”

The German protesters say that they are demonstrating in this way to revolt against Trump’s plans to make the rich richer at the disadvantage of the poor, while there are people in Africa without roofs over their heads. Burning buildings, throwing beer bottles, and beating up people is not a way to solve poverty and promote peace – it’s just a way to wreak havoc and act like terrorists who they want rights for.


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