Cop Abuses And Handcuffs Man For Videotaping – Police Harassment

Kootenai County Idaho Sheriff’s Office Coeur d’Alene doesn’t believe Americans have the right to record in public. If after watching this video if you would like to voice you opinion the First Amendment allows you to speak your mind. Links below on who to contact.

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Deputy Nelson of the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office

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Kootenai County Sheriff Office
5500 N. Government Way
Coeur d’Alene Idaho
(208) 446-1300

~ In this day and age no one is safe from the cops. Cops are not prejudice who they beat or kill. ~

NOW Your RIGHTS when dealing with the Police: – The Supreme Court recommends you DON’T talk to police.

* Blue Is Not a People, Blue Is Not a Race … Unless Y’all Smurfs

* Stop Police Terrorism

* Police Officers Safety Doesn’t Trump The Rights of the American Citizens

* “The U.S. Government does not have rights, it has privileges delegated to it by the people. The inevitability of violence is required sometimes to remind the government.”

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