Biden Brags About Segregationist Ties

Joe Biden wants you to know that he loved working with segregationists. John Iadarola and Jayar Jackson break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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“Former Vice President Joe Biden is being criticized by several fellow Democratic candidates for highlighting his relationship with James Eastland, a Mississippi senator and noted segregationist, at a New York City fundraiser Tuesday night.

The Democratic front-runner referenced Eastland, who served in the Senate from 1943 to 1978 and died in 1986, while arguing for more civility in Washington. “I know the new, new left tells me that I’m — this is old-fashioned,” Biden said, according to the pool report. “Well guess what? If we can’t reach a consensus in our system, what happens? It encourages and demands the abuse of power by a president. That’s what it does. You have to be able to reach consensus under our system — our constitutional system of separation of powers.”

Biden then turned to his own lengthy career in the Senate, where he represented Delaware from 1973 to 2009.”

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