Andrew Yang's Pitch to America – We Must Evolve to a New Form of Capitalism

Andrew Yang’s headline speech at the 2018 Iowa Wing Ding, the largest Democratic event in the state of Iowa, that received a standing ovation and countless press stories.

The Iowa Wing Ding is a fundraiser and rally of over 1,000 democratic activists from 19 counties in Iowa that join together to invite top political leaders where they rally and pitch big ideas for the future of the country.

Previous speakers include Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and more.

Andrew Yang isn’t a politician. He’s an entrepreneur who knows how the economy works—and he’s terrified about the growing automation of American jobs. That’s why he’s running for President as a Democrat in 2020. America has lost its direction, and it’s time we put humanity first. Andrew wants to get America back on track—to be a nation of opportunity, freedom, equality, and abundance. It all starts with the Freedom Dividend, $1,000/month for every American adult over the age 18, no strings attached.


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