Andrew Yang Meeting Supporters

Andrew Yang New York Fundraising Event
Princeton Club
New York, NY

Story Time: How I got into Andrew Yang’s world?

Di, schoolmate from college/violin maker, introduced Andrew Yang to me recently. I filmed Andrew Yang’ NYC Rally on 5/14. Since then, I have watched many videos and have been reading Yang’s book. I started to get his messages.
Believing in Mao Zedong when growing up, I was crushed by the idealism in the end. I don’t trust any politicians. But one thing I know is that we must fight, and we need to move Trump out of the White House. Go Andrew Yang.
– Ching Juhl

Filmed, edited, produced by Ching Juhl
One-person-band: iPhone X, Shure MV88, iMovie
Using smartphone, I like the lightness, mobility, and it is less intrusive

Photo Credits: Ching Juhl, Lucy Liu, Cathy Huang and others
Special thanks to Hana Media Global


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