After Sick Little Boy Tries To Hug Trump, Donald Shows His True Colors

After Sick Little Boy Tries To Hug Trump, Donald Shows His True Colors

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A video is making the rounds today. Some mainstream media outlets might want to cut it up to make President Trump look bad, but there’s a totally different story to be told here.

Donald was in the middle of celebrating a major victory, where he had called on Congress during his State of the Union to pass a landmark bill to give power back to the American people. Called “Right to Try,” terminal patients can now try experimental treatments without the government telling them no.

After signing the landmark bill, a young boy tried to get the POTUS’s attention. Donald Trump’s reaction is priceless.

From The Right Scoop:

Okay I have to admit this is really cute. A little boy suffering from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy tries to hug Trump twice….and then Trump realizes and makes his day.


The real achievement is the ‘Right to Try’ bill that Republicans passed and Trump signed:

The president championed the “Right to Try” legislation and scored a rare bipartisan win with the legislation in Congress, where he demanded Republicans and Democrats come together to pass it during his State of the Union speech this year.

Be sure the hateful left will look for ways to bash even this moment. But how could you? After a few tries, the sick boy is able to get the man’s attention. He doesn’t hesitate to embrace him, giving him a kindly kiss on the head.

We know that Trump has a soft spot for children. He has many children and grandchildren. His wife, First Lady Melania, has made children’s issues a paramount focus. There’s no doubt that Trump signed this bill into law, for young boys like this one.

The video is heart-warming and sweet. Something that every American patriot would love to see. Even liberals should take a look. It is a reminder that we have a president who cares deeply for every American. Especially our little ones.


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