#269 6-28-19 Anchor Baby Kamala Harris Schools Joe Biden On American History

00:00 KMG: Anchor Baby Kamala Harris Schools Joe Biden On American History [incorporates History Of Berkeley Busing, Kunstler Column, Frank Bruni Dreams Of A Harris-Buttigieg Ticket, Will Obama Endorse Biden?, Is Joe Too Old?, California Bans Discrimination Against The Nappy-Headed & Trump Assails Dems For Free Medicare For Illegals Pledge]
40:00 Drowned Father & Daughter Were Economic Migrants [incorporates Dead Migrant Porn Doesn’t Sell Like It Used To (WaPo op-ed), SCOTUS To Hear DACA Case & Illegals To Flee From The Census?]
55:00 Vladimir Putin Is The Ghost At The G20 Feast [incorporates Putin Says Liberalism Has Had Its Day, May Snubs Putin]
1:04:00 Antisemitism Roundup [incorporates Jeremy Corbyn Faces Labour Caucus Revolt & Canadian Definition of Antisemitism Could Outlaw Criticism Of Israel]
1:20:00 Netflix To Lose Rights To The Office, A Nation Mourns
1:28:10 Book Club: Iron, Fire, and Ice: The Real History that Inspired Game of Thrones
2:30:00 Trannies Thirsty But Few Want To Have Sex With Them [incorporates NYT Op-Ed on LGBT Getting “Rinsed” & Reason
Magazine Champions “Sex Workers”]
2:34:00 Bronze Age Pervert on Yoram Hazony’s take on nationalism
2:40:00 English schools teach deportment and elocution

7. Young’uns Roundup [incorporates Millennials Despair Of Owning Homes, Gen Z Can’t Understand Older Tech & British Schools Teach Etiquette & Deportment]

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Grim border drowning: https://www.apnews.com/2f8422c820104d6eaad9b73d939063a9

Kamala Harris vs Joe Biden: https://apnews.com/dbf7aa798cf54646a7b8c705c6af27e8




The Density Divide: Urbanization, Polarization, and Populist Backlash



50th Anniversary of Berkeley’s Pioneering Busing Plan for School Integration


Census Data Shows Thousands More Moving Out Of LA, OC Than Moving In

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