Trump Blindsides Washington Swamp Slackers With 3 Executive Orders

Trump Blindsides Washington Swamp Slackers With 3 Executive Orders

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It’s a running joke that government employees are the worst in the country—and for good reason.

If you get a job working for the government, chances are you’ll never lose it. No matter how bad you are at your job.

Thanks to corruption and incompetence, our government agencies are run incredibly poorly. These organizations exist to serve the American people and instead, they often deny Americans the help they need.

Or force them to jump through frustrating hoops, just to get an answer.

There is a good reason why this is the case: government employees are protected by greedy unions; white-collar workers have unions to guard them from accountability. But thanks to President Trump, that’s all about to change.

From Western Journal:

“President Donald Trump issued three executive orders Friday to prevent unions from protecting government employees who don’t perform in their jobs.

‘By holding poor performers accountable, reforming the use of taxpayer-funded union time, and focusing negotiations on issues that matter, we are advancing our efforts to elevate the federal workforce,’ said Jeff T.H. Pon, Director of the Office of Personnel Management.

In 2016 alone, the government spent $16 million on union negotiator salaries.

‘The vast majority of our employees are dedicated public servants who are dedicated to their missions and service to the American people.

It is essential that we honor their commitment, and these measures reflect just that,’ states a press release about the new policies.”
Trump’s first executive order will require agencies to actually fire employees based on performance. Imagine that, employees weren’t in danger of being fired—despite what they did!

The president is putting an end to that. If you work for a government agency and suck, you will get the ax, and that will ensure that only employees who do their jobs can keep working.

Like every other job in the country, right?

The second order puts the squeeze on government workers’ bloated, corrupt unions: it puts a limit on how much time they can conduct union business—while at work.

Before this order, employees could spend all their work time conducting union business … they didn’t have to do actual work! Trump is putting an end to this by limiting their union time to 25%.

The final order will save taxpayers plenty of money. Before, the government was required to pay all the expenses of the agency and labor union negotiators’ salaries. People who didn’t work the for the agency, but were negotiating for employees, got a check from the government.

Naturally, the union would drag out negotiations—lasting years—so that their negotiators kept getting paid. Talk about corruption!

But this new order will streamline the process so that con artists can’t milk the government for millions.

Don’t be shocked when liberals complain about these measures. But as you can see, they are simply common-sense measures; Trump is reining in on abuse that has been allowed for far too long, and he is demanding our agencies behave fairly and not waste tax dollars on greedy unions.

It’s about time!


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