The Real News Room – Bernie Edition – 1.28.2016

Headline news fort the 99. No BS, no corporate spin. The truth, raw and unfiltered as it should be.


File Source
MP3 local news intro
Good morning… your planet is dying.
Youtube shutdown vid
Moveon petition
Bernie Numbers NH – Salon
New Iowa Numbers and red flag
Bernie in Mason
NY for Bernie Meme
Sanders Democrats
Hillary raising cash in Iowa
Bernie calls for more debates on his terms
KMOV Local westlake radiation
Dirty bomb Landfill Fire
Maddow on Flint
Josh McKay Rap about Flint
Rob Reich 6 responses
Seattle votes on ending citizens unoted
trump gets tomatoes
Oreilly says trump needs to be bigger man
Gates Foundation just a tax loophole
bernie on wallstreet greed
Obama meets with Bernie
When we stand together 99 ad
FCC asked to do it Job
Susan Park YT assholery
Bernie Bongos


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