The Real News Room – Bern Edition – 2.2.2016

Iowa Caucus recap and headlines that matter to the people. No Establishment lies.
Iowa Results
Bernie says we tie Hill says we win! Slides Bernie’s response
Coin toss rules
@JacksonDoner questioning the coin toss rule
Ames video of caucus BS
Bernie beast
Michael Moore Endorses Bernie
Matt Orfalea YT
Amos Elroy article caucus persuasion
FDR I welcome their Hatred!
Ames bullshit
Brian Williams apologizes for the people for fbomb
Hill and the 90’s
NYC March for Benrie Finale
Can Bernie Win? RSN Scott Galindez
I Like Bernie BUT…
Hillary’s Mean Scream
WE Raise 20 mil for OUR president
How WE handle hecklers.
New ad for bernie
ABC Jane Sanders Story
Clinton pays NYT 100k for endorsement in 2008 – paying it forward.
George Soros gives to Hillary
March for Bernie
Vampire weekend introducing Bernie
Hillary speaks to 1/2 empty room
Clinton Camp training to lose
Sanders Russia 198
Bernie speaks in bar
Sanders Democrats
Musk vs. Buffett
Nevada Petition: Solar City
Solar city nevada ops video
Bernie in Fairfield, Iowa, Jan, 28th


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