The Real News Room – Bern Edition – 2.19.2016

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TRNR open
New Bernie ad
Trump hair horn
Moveon petition
MacAvoy Monologues
News & Updates
Changing the NewsRoom Changing the NewsRoom
Fan Funding
Comments from Viewers Slides
John needs to wear his glasses John needs to wear his glasses

Sanders surges in poll
Sanders wins backing of Nevada’s largest county

ABC recording of a push poll

NRA voting to help Bernie

TYT Endorsements for Bernie
Sanders 16 mil from US
The revolution
How to Caucus for Bernie
Caucus tiebreaker with high card?
Twitter deleting the truth
Berniesanders Justice
Chasing Bernie
Hillary Bashing
Hillary gets booed cause she was a %$#@!
Secular Talk rant about Hillary
Hillary doesn’t get it
Nevada hitting Clinton on Immigration
Mother Earth

Gil Scott Heron, The Revolution will be streamed.
maritme cafe
Little Amsterdam
FDR I welcome their Hatred!
Data tracking with ad data
Bernie on Climate
Tesla bad ass vehicle
Nevada Petition: Solar City
Solar city nevada ops video
Musk vs Buffet
I Like Bernie BUT…
Sanders Democrats
Susan Park YT assholery
A future to believe in
If not rich, vote for Bernie
Bern Unit – Punk song for bernie
The Revolution Tyrone Rose Jr
Youtube shutdown vid


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