The Real News Room – Bern Edition – 2.14.2016

Headline News that matters to the people. No Establishment BS

Youtube shutdown vid
Moveon petition
Trump hair horn
MacAvoy Monologues

Bernie – Single issue cand:
DNC rolls back laws to roll in the $$
Debbie waserman Shit.
Bernie Billboard
Bernie in Denver
Glad Scalia’s Dead
Fighting after the death
Fun Hillary Gif
It’s not Over Bernie Ad
Bernie SC Ad
Clinton behind in media buys Tad Devine
Clinton Behind in SC
SC women support Bernie
Oregon senate passes wage increase
Harry Belefonte Endorsement
maritme cafe
Little Amsterdam
Allie in Weedyland
FDR I welcome their Hatred!
Clinton emails fbi
Clean Power blocked
Climate Change
Bernie on Climate florida
Tesla bad ass vehicle
Nevada Petition: Solar City
Solar city nevada ops video
Musk vs Buffet
Cenk Predicts the winner
I Like Bernie BUT…
New ad for bernie
Sanders Democrats
Susan Park YT assholery
Richard Gilliard – Starman
Bernie beast – Matt Orfalea
13 minutes of Hillary Lying
DisabiliTV theme song
If not rich, vote for Bernie
Bern Unit – Punk song for bernie


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