The Race Goes Gotham – U.S. Presidential Election, 2016 (Pt. 19)

The race between Bernie and Hillary hinges on New York – the state that gave birth to Sanders, and elected Clinton to the senate! Also: what (if anything) do the “Panama Papers” mean for the campaign!?

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Source Material:

CNN Projection: Bernie Sanders wins Wisconsin Primary

Ted Cruz Projected to Win Wisconsin Primary

Wisconsin Primary Results (New York Times)

TRUMP: The GOP’s Path to Anyone But (Pogobat)

Bernie Sanders goes after Hillary Clinton on home turf (Morning Joe)

Van Jones on Closed Primaries (Democracy Now)

Bernie Sanders Rally Coming to Washington Square Park April 13 (CBS NY)

Millions March NYC (Time Lapse)

Panama Papers Validate Anger of Both Left and Right in US Election

The Panama Papers: Here’s What We Know


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