The Nationalist Review Online Ep. 4: Super Taco Tuesday!

Nationalist Review On-line, Ep. 4: Super Taco Tuesday

Experimented with a lower-quality render and audio settings. Suffice to say, I will render at higher-quality and use a higher quality microphone.

Intro Song:…

Outro: Kalax – Take me back (Featuring World Wide)

Introductions and 10-20mins of “Shitposting” on current events.
-Melissa Harris Perry fired from MSNBC:…
-Shapiro blocked/protested from speaking at a College:…
-David Duke “endorsees” Trump:…
-Paul Ryan blasts Trumps for not disavowing Trump?…
-Discussion: You have Free Speech but not freedom from consequences. Is the Progressive Left imploding on itself? The race to left goes so far that it becomes “Fascist.”
-Paul Ryan firmly against Trump: Anti-Bigotry? What is that? Can we trust Paul Ryan considering his alliance with Luis Guitterez and respect for Barney Frank?
-A little bit of fun:
Isn’t it nice to receive confirmation about MSM bias? Forget Bias, misinformation.
Main Theme/Discussion: “Trump isn’t a Conservative…” The Left is essentially super saturated by degeneracy: Gays, “Gender Fluid”, “SJWs”, “Anti-White Racists”, Atheist, and Marxism, etc. The GOP essentially betrayed the TEA Party Movement (Outnumbered, Fox and Friends). Is popular support for Trump a sea-change? Is it plausible that people feel betrayed at this point? Speaking of Bias, it speaks volumes that the MSM continues to cover Rubio’s minor and ignorable victory with MN.
-Trump Endorsements: Chris Christie, Jeff Sessions, Duncan Hunter, etc.
-Anti-Trumps GOPers: Romney. Why do we celebrate losers now? Significant Neo-Conservatives (Neo-Cohens) shifting to the left. Is the idea of conservatism a lie? Doug Haye: Is a “good constitutional conservative” just another term for Controlled Opposition?
-Isn’t an uncomfortable thought that Hispanic, black, women, special snowflake votes are required to win elections? If by appealing to everyone are we (GOP, Conservatives) just another name for Democrats?
-Overwhelming Super Tuesday success: Rubio wins MN. Cruz “wins” Texas, Alaska, and OK. Cruz calling for the others to quit. Cruz presumptions playing into Trump’s hands. Jeb fell out of race but his supporters didn’t surge against Trump.
-Don’t understand Texas, loyalty to Cruz or demographics aligned against Trump? You would think a border state constantly dealing with Illegals would enjoy a staunch stand against Illegal immigration?
Never Trump Movement blasted:…
Trump held to standard about not running third party but now GOP Super PACs running anti-Trump efforts? GOP would rather self-destruct than have Trump? Maybe the GOP is dead and the body hasn’t rotted away yet.
Hillary Clinton pretty much a shoe-in at this point? Is she out of Silver Bullets?
Tomislav Sunic – Against Democracy and Equality – The European New Right


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