The Nationalist Review Online, EP. 3: Trumpenreich!

The Nationalist Review Online, EP3 – Oh Trumpenfuhrer, where art thou?

Intro Song:…

Outro: Kalax – Take me back (Featuring World Wide)

Introductions and 10-20mins of “Shitposting” on current events.
-Why won’t Karl Rove go away?
-Bernie Sanders getting BTFO’d by Hillary, the delegate count is insane!
-Is Conservatism / Progressivism a white Ethno-State Concern? I.e., you can’t have this debate unless you have a high-trust society. Without a high-trust society, is fascism / authoritarianism required?
-BLM and SJW’s pretty much acknowledge race now, so is that a clarion call for Whites to look out for their interests?
Trumpenfuhrer won some serious victories despite MSM and Political Heavy Hitter’s predictions. NH, SC, and Nevada; Ultimately, Iowa wasn’t even much of a “loss.”
Jeb Bush falls out of the race, what are the implications of his departure? Will Kasich see a similar fall?
-Did Kasich’s comments regarding “kitchens” really hurt him or was this grievance mongering?
GOP standing firm against SCOTUS Nomination, Trump giving spines to the GOP?
-Implications of another Marxists?
Discussion: What will happen once Trump takes the nomination? What if he drifts towards compromise? How will the base react to any “walk backs” on any of his campaign promises?
Is the fight between Cruz and Rubio an admission to defeat? Seems like the priorities are messed up, both Rubio and Cruz should combine forces to attack Trump and then work on each other.
More possible discussion points:
Is Trump a progressive nationalist or American nationalist? If Americanism is constitionalism, can we describe Trump as American nationalism if it is not in pursuance of principles outlined in the Declaration of Independence and codified in the US Constitution?
It’s a little bit philosophical and esoteric, but I think accurately defining the terms helps us clarify each of our desired end state and the forest we can pull out where we agree or disagree.
Trump an invention?
Newt Gingrich:
Rolling Stone:
Is “The Establishment” willingly blinding themselves to the reality of ethno-centrism and the desire for a pre-1965 America?


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