The Clinton Crime Family – Hillary Clinton & The Whitewater Scandal

As a result of the exposé in the New York Times, the Justice Department opened an investigation into the failed Whitewater deal. Media pressure continued to build, and on April 22, 1994, Hillary Clinton gave an unusual press conference under a portrait of Abraham Lincoln in the State Dining Room of the White House, to address questions on both Whitewater and the cattle futures controversy; it was broadcast live on several networks. In it she claimed that the Clintons had a passive role in the Whitewater venture, and had committed no wrongdoing, but admitted her explanations had been vague and that she no longer opposed appointing a special prosecutor to investigate the matter. Afterwards she won media praise for the manner in which she conducted herself during this, her first adversarial press conference;[13] Time called her “open, candid, but above all unflappable…the real message was her attitude and her poise. The confiding tone and relaxed body language…immediately drew approving reviews”.[26] By that time there was growing backlash from Democrats and other members of the political left against the press’ investigations of Whitewater, with the New York Times coming in for special criticism by Gene Lyons of Harper’s Magazine, who felt its reporters were exaggerating the significance and possible impropriety of what they were uncovering.[27]

At Clinton’s request, Attorney General Janet Reno appointed a special prosecutor Robert B. Fiske to investigate the legality of the Whitewater transactions in 1994. Two allegations surfaced: 1) that Clinton had exerted pressure on an Arkansas businessman, David Hale, to make a loan that would benefit him and the owners of Madison Guaranty; and 2) that an Arkansas bank had concealed transactions involving Clinton’s gubernatorial campaign in 1990. In May 1994, Independent Counsel Robert Fiske issued a grand jury subpoena to the President and his wife for all documents relating to Madison Guaranty, with a deadline of 30 days. They were reported as missing by the Clintons. Almost two years later, the subpoenaed billing records of the Rose Law Firm, which Hillary Clinton worked for, were discovered in the Clintons’ private residence in the White House by a staffer in January 1996.

The Clintons claimed to have been cleared of all wrongdoing in two reports prepared by the San Francisco law firm of Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro for the Resolution Trust Corporation, which was overseeing the liquidation of Madison Guaranty. The Associated Press characterized the report as “generally support[ing] the Clintons’ description of their involvement in Whitewater.” However, Charles Patterson, the attorney who supervised the report, “refused … to call it a vindication” of the Clintons, stating in testimony before the Senate Whitewater Committee that “it was not our purpose to vindicate, castigate, exculpate.”

Bill and Hillary Clinton never visited the actual Whitewater property. In May 1985, Jim McDougal had sold the remaining lots of the failed Whitewater Development Corporation to local realtor Chris Wade. By 1993, there were a few occupied houses on the site, but mostly just “For Sale” signs; after swarms of Whitewater reporters made the trek there, one owner hung a sign saying “Go Home, Idiots.” By 2007, there were about 12 houses in the subdivision, with the last lot up for sale by son Chris Wade, Jr., for $25,000. In Flippin, Jim McDougal’s savings and loan bank had been replaced by a variety of small businesses, most recently a barbershop.

The length, expense, and results of the Whitewater investigations turned the public against the Office of the Independent Counsel; even Kenneth Starr was opposed. In particular, Democrats portrayed Whitewater as a political witch-hunt, much as Republicans had at the end of the 1980s Iran-Contra investigations. As such, the Independent Counsel law expired in 1999.

Kenneth Starr’s successor as Independent Counsel, Robert Ray, released a report in September 2000 that stated “This office determined that the evidence was insufficient to prove to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt that either President or Mrs. Clinton knowingly participated in any criminal conduct.” Ray nonetheless criticized the White House in a statement regarding the release of the report, saying delays in the production of evidence and “unmeritorious litigation” by the president’s lawyers severely impeded the investigation’s progress, leading to a total cost of nearly $60 million.

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