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Behind the Scenes: How is Trump Going to Be as President? | THE CIRCUS | SHOWTIME

Mark Halperin, Mark McKinnon, and John Heilemann discuss THE CIRCUS: INSIDE

Is President Donald Trump Causing Young Republicans To Leave The Party? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Kristen Soltis Anderson joins Morning Joe to discuss her new column

President Donald Trump Also Prods North Korea’s ‘Rocket Man’ In Tweet | Morning Joe | MSNBC

President Trump also referred to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un over

jim jefferies on donald trump freedumb 2017 comedy standup

Jim Jefferies on Donald trump freedumb 2017 comedy stand-up these Australians

President Donald Trump Slams CNN – Literally

Donald Trump slammed CNN over the weekend – Literally – Sort

Anonymous – Message to the president of the United States (Donald Trump)

Anonymous Message to the president of the United States Donald Trump

Is President Donald Trump going to be Impeached? Things going down Fast!

Neil Buchanan: What Will It Take for Republicans To Dump Trump?

What Does America Think of President Trump? | THE CIRCUS | SHOWTIME

Previously on Episode 3, Mark Halperin travels to 5 states in

President Donald Trump’s Presidential Staff Gets Work Advice

President Donald Trump gets work advice from folks on his wavelength!

President Donald Trump Issues New Immigration Orders MSNBC

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