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Trump Contradicts His Team. Then He Doesn’t.

President Trump tweeted in support of an amendment to FISA on

Trump Casts Doubt on ‘Access Hollywood’ Video

Although Donald Trump publicly apologized after the release of a video

Trump’s Tough Immigration Talk Meets Reality

Immigration officers rounded up 41,318 undocumented immigrants during President Trump’s first

British Leaders Respond to Trump’s Re-Tweets

Leaders from both Britain’s ruling and opposition parties have criticized President

Trump Hates the Iran Deal. Why Won’t He Kill It?

Despite tough talk on Iran, President Trump announced that he would

Trump Dismantles Bears Ears National Monument

President Trump has announced plans to reduce Bears Ears National Monument.

Racist or Not? How TV News Reacted to Trump’s Comment

After President Trump used vulgar language about immigrants, TV news grappled

Trump’s Foreign Policy: Mixing the Brash and the Blunt

Here’s closer look at how President Trump’s unpredictable approach to foreign

Steve Bannon and Trump: From Bromance to Breakup

The two anti-establishment Republicans bonded during the campaign. Now they are

How Sheldon Adelson Influenced Trump’s Israel Policy

When President Trump formally recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, one man
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